Celebrity Smoking - “Dead People” Magazine (The Consequences)

For online celebrity photographs of dead celebrity smokers, go to:

A large collage of photographs of celebrites that died because of their smoking. Scroll down the page to see the age of death and cause of death for some of those shown.

Another collage of celebrities that died because of their smoking, with a following listing of the celebrites in the collage and the smoking related cause of their death.

A large list of celebrities that died from smoking (many with the diagnosis of specific smoking related cause of death).

What a shame that all this talent had to be cut short. Just think of all of the additional memories the world could have had if these people had been able to live their full lives. The movie industry could play an important role in discouraging tobacco addiction by adopting Dr. Stanton Glantz’s guidelines, which are endorsed by all of the major U.S. medical organizations, and which are discussed in Chapters 3, 8 and 12 of the book, Ending The Tobacco Holocaust.

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