Celebrity Smoking:

For celebrity smoking, click on the following links to see celebrities smoking cigarettes and cigars.

Celebrity Smoking - "Live People" Magazine Web Sightings (Truth)

Celebrity Smoking - "Dead People" Magazine Web Sightings (The Consequences)

Celebrities Smoking Cigars

Then click the left menu option "Smoking in Movies" to find out about how celebrity smoking leads to the addiction and future death of our nation's children and underage teens. According to scientific research by Dr. Stanton Glantz at UCSF, and Drs. James Sargent and Madeline Dalton at Dartmouth University, and other researchers, over 390,000 children and underage teens in the United States start smoking each year due to seeing their favorite celebrities smoking in movies, and over 100,000 of those children and underage teens will die in the future because of that.

Celebrity smoking in movies, and elsewhere, also has the effect of influencing many more children and underage teens around the world to become addicted to tobacco products, and to eventually suffer and die prematurely.

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