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Think of the Kick Butts Boycott as a simple, no effort, no public demonstration, easy way to help humanity and empower yourself. There is nothing to fear. Just avoid products from which the profits will empower corporations to do things against your best wishes, such as to enhance their ability to get their tobacco products into the hands and mouths of children and underage teens in the United States and around the world. Rather, simply buy comparable or better products from other corporations that further your best interests. By doing so, you can feel good, and also put economic pressure on Altria/Philip Morris and Loews/Lorillard to stop selling cigarettes to stores that sell to minors, and to stop cigarette brand placement in movies.

It’s a matter of conscience. It’s simple. It’s easy. Just do it.

At the end of March 2007, Altria/Philip Morris in essence once again kicked the butts of the American public and public health by spinning off Kraft. By doing so, they (the company that sells 50% of the cigarettes sold to children and underage teens in the U.S.) eliminated a major "Achilles heel" that could have been targeted by the American buying public. Their shares of Kraft were given to their shareholders. They bought Kraft and Nabisco with money made from the sale of their addictive and deadly product, profited by that purchase, and have now spun off that business to their major shareholders, who will continue to profit from Kraft and Nabisco and the myriad of products that that business owns.

The following information was listed in required Securities and Exchange filings and was on the Altria website until March 2007. It was a matter of public record, and Altria has not endorsed it's use here.

According to the Altria website at, Altria products are in 99% of U.S. homes. An up-to-date version of the following information can be found at Kraft's website. The source for the following information was from Altria's website. “Altria Group, Inc. is the parent company of Kraft Foods, Philip Morris USA, Philip Morris International and Philip Morris Capital Corporation. Altria Group owns 100% of the outstanding stock of Philip Morris USA, Philip Morris International and Philip Morris Capital Corporation, and approximately 88.1% of the stock of Kraft Foods. Philip Morris USA is the largest tobacco company in the United States, with approximately half of the U.S. cigarette market. Philip Morris International is a leading international tobacco company with seven of the top 20 global cigarette brands. Kraft Foods is the largest food and beverage company headquartered in North America and the second-largest in the world. Philip Morris Capital Corporation maintains a portfolio of leverages and direct finance leases. In addition, Altria Group has a 28.7% economic and voting interest in SABMiller, plc., the world’s second-largest brewer.”

Kraft Foods North America is the North American food business of Kraft Foods. It is headquartered in Northfield, Illinois, and traces its history to three of the most successful food entrepreneurs of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries: J. L. Kraft, Oscar Mayer and C. W. Post. Today, Kraft is the largest packaged food company in the United States and Canada.

Kraft Foods International is the international food business of Kraft Foods and its brands are found in more than 155 countries worldwide.

Thus, Altria/Philip Morris spun off their 88.1% share of Kraft to their shareholders who mostly continue to profit from Kraft. While that relationship will be diluted over time, people may consider it a Matter of Conscience" to boycott all Kraft owned products for the foreseeable future to put pressure on the owners of Kraft, the majority of which are owned by Altria/Philip Morris shareholders, to change their marketing and sales practices.

At the least, please consider boycotting all Miller Beer products to put pressure on Altria/Philip Morris to really end smoking by children and underaged teens.

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