Ending The Tobacco Holocaust References and Footnotes:

Ending The Tobacco Holocaust:
how Big Tobacco affects our health, pocketbook and political freedom, and what we can do about it.

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Preface and Introduction

Chapter 1: It’s Not About Non-Smokers Versus Smokers —
Smoking Affects Everyone

Chapter 2: What’s Been Done, What Hasn’t Been Done, And Why It’s
in Your Interest to Take Simple, Effortless Actions to Create Change

Chapter 3: Targeting Our Achilles Heel —
The Manipulative Marketers of Big Tobacco

Chapter 4: Masters of Deceit

Chapter 5: The Global Tobacco War: At Home and Around the World

Chapter 6: "They Got Lips? We Want 'Em":
Creating Generations of Addicts

Chapter 7: The Biology of Tobacco Addiction

Chapter 8: Is Hollywood Addicted? (... And If So, Why?)

Chapter 9: It's a Matter of Life and Death

Chapter 10: The Buying of Our Political System

Chapter 11: Smoking Cessation

Chapter 12: What You Can Do to Stop the Tobacco Industry